Birmingham Alabama Jewish Community Study

Demographic Study and Household Survey

Study Details

In 2014, leaders of organizations serving Birmingham Jewish households met to begin a study of the metropolitan area’s Jewish population. The study had two major phases: 1) development of a combined file incorporating household information from all organizations and 2) a survey of Jewish households.

The combined file was completed in October 2015 and the survey was conducted during November and December 2015. Area residents responded positively to the survey, expressing their appreciation for the collaborative effort, as well as their hope that this collaboration among Jewish organizations would continue.

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The Jewish Population in Metro Bham was estimated at 2600 households and 6300 people.


90% of Jewish households live in 14 different zip codes.

Community Background

61% of the Jewish residents of Birmingham were born outside of Alabama.

Jewish Identity

96% of Birmingham Jews say they are proud to be Jewish.


85% of Birmingham Jews say they are emotionally attached to Israel and 66% have been there.

Partner Agencies

Thank you to Parker Consulting for all of the work they did on this study.